Month of European Film 2023

After a successful pan-European launch in 2022, the European Film Academy in collaboration with Europa Cinemas, present the 2023 Month of European Film. Starting on 1 November, it celebrates the diversity of European film for six weeks until 9 December.

As part of our membership of access>Cinema, Sligo Film Society are participating in this event happening across Europe.

We join a huge network across Europe, of flagship cinemas in 40 countries from Iceland to Greece, from Portugal to Georgia – including capital cities, small towns and national cinema networks – highlighting European films, presenting special programmes, events and dedicated retrospectives.

Instead of a uniform catalogue, each participating cinema is creating a unique programme according to their expertise and catering to their audience’s taste. The six-week event will see more than 100 screenings of European films across Ireland. Check out our programme to see the films screening in Sligo during this event, including our presentation of Close on 2nd November and a range of recent European arthouse favourites such as Love According to Dalva, The Eight Mountains, and R.M.N

The Month of European Film kicks off on 1 November and will include the launch of the European Film Academy’s European Film Club and the European Arthouse Cinema Day.  This year’s event will culminate on 9 December with the 36th European Film Awards in Berlin.

At the same time, the global arthouse streaming platform MUBI presents a special focus on European films, and for the first time, the VOD portal DAFilms highlights a selection of European documentaries, both allowing film lovers around the world to participate.